What Folk Are Saying About Us – 

Radio Development Worker“Really enjoyed the training very informative, I thought I knew a lot about autism until the training which was to such a high standard. I felt the personal touch by the trainers is what will make what I have learned stick with me and shape how I work with all people.”

Class teacher, Music Education, “Thoroughly enjoyed the day. More like this please, where the facilitators really know their subject.”  

Primary Education Teacher, “Really appreciated the trainers honesty. They made Autism very ‘real’ and already it has made me think about the way I react to children and their needs”

Care Assistant, “Very good and informative training which can be used as part of my role.”

Creative Learning Manager, “This training was informative and insightful, both into the practice of working with people with autism as well as into the lives of people living with autism. It has certainly taught me a great deal of information, all of which I will use in my work and personal life. The trainers were knowledgeable & great fun too!”

Creative Arts, “I loved learning about autism from people with real lived experiences of living with autism. I learned heaps, would totally recommend to others who are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of autism and how it impacts on people both with the condition and those around them. It has totally helped me evaluate the work we deliver and how to make it more accessible in a range of ways. Thank you! :)”