About Us

Launched in August 2014 with a purpose to connect service users to service providers and vice versa, through education, support and innovation technology.

We provide tailored training in understanding autism and environmental issues, environmental assessments and an exciting opportunity to build a safe and trusted network.
We support both service users and service providers equally. With over four years of research and development, our continually growing partnership organisations are sharing our aspirations.

Friendly Access is autism centred and delivers training on, ‘Understanding Autism and the Surrounding Environment’. We feel autism is a prime example of a hidden disability and crosses over to cover many other hidden disabilities and conditions; anxiety being the most commonly shared. We do however, feel very strongly on maintaining a holistic approach.

Our Patron

Nuala Gardner, Autism Consultant & Author

‘I am so proud to be patron of this unique and worthy charity. Of all the barriers a person with autism and those with disabilities meet, the experience of social exclusion is ultimately frustrating, demoralising and should be an unacceptable component in today’s society.

Thankfully, Friendly Access is starting to breakdown these barriers through education, raising awareness of the devastating impact social exclusion causes.

One day, maybe all with a disability will rightfully be fully included in society and put exclusion where

it belongs…in the past!’


We are thrilled and very honoured to welcome Nuala Gardner as Patron of Friendly Access. Those who have read Nuala’s publications will understand why. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Nuala’s books come highly recommended by us and many others.