“Friendly Access offer the most incredible practical, creative and holistic support. Our staff teams and volunteers have benefited from the highest quality training that has empowered them to feel confident and highly motivated to support our participants and audiences living with autism and other sensory conditions.”

  • Suzi Morrice Joint Head of Creative Learning, Dundee Rep

Our Vision

Help us believe one day, society has the understanding of everyone living with hidden disabilities and mental health conditions. Our drive is to improve access across Scotland and help enable everyone to lead the life they choose.

Friendly Access brings individuals and services they wish to access together, without fear and isolation through lack of understanding and support.

No one should be forced into living in isolation.

Awareness is great. Understanding is everything.

Brought to you by the people who put
‘autism friendly’ performances into theatres across the UK and firmly focused on setting the bar even higher for inclusion everyday, everywhere.

Quote by Glyn Morris