We are pleased to be offering more sessions, including group sessions these will be SUP or Surf lessons or both depending on conditions. The adaptive board is now available too, please be sure to book the correct lesson and indicate on the Attendee page that it is required.

Booking for sessions will open 10 days before each session. Please keep visiting our page as the sessions will show up under the schedule section and potentially will show up to 2-3 months in advance.

Please select the lesson and the amount of spaces you require. When you have selected how many of each ticket, click on view selection, this will take you to the page where you click the “book” button. Please note that the person who is actually surfing is the ATHLETE. Fill in the information required and use the continue button.

We have introduced a new ticket type. It is called a Family and Friends ticket, this will allow up to 4 people to surf and cost just £30 during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Please ensure you select the correct amount of people surfing using this ticket or you will only book 2 spaces.

Please note a lot of you are saying that you HAVE filled in the media consent form as this is the default selection, but you haven’t actually filled it in.

You are able to book more than one session at once, just select the ones you want 

If you have any questions please contact Angela

The new system will allow you to save your details by logging in and make life easier when booking in future, this is NOT compulsory though.

New Group lessons and Family and friends ticket Option