Visit Santa at baxters in a relaxed atmospheare

Thanks to Baxters and their kind generosity, this event is closed to the general public and open to those who find a visit to Santa too overwhelming. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for individuals to experience visiting Santa more achievable by reducing sensory impacts and offering time slots to reduce waiting times. NB Time slots may alter only slightly due to reasons beyond our control.

Each time slot is for a maximum of 2 people, siblings are allowed in too , if you have more than 2 who want to see Santa then please book 2 time slots – if you do not book 2 slots then one or more of your party may be disappointed.

For each person going in to see Santa, there will be a charge of £6.50 (includes gift) and refreshments available for the rest of the party.

Please select the 10th December to bring up the times.

Select a time from those available.

Enter the details required, under “Service” select either 1 child only +£0.00 or 2 children +£6.50 and click “Continue”

If you need to book 2 slots then repeat the step above and select another time.
Please ensure your email address, contact number and names of those receiving a gift (in comment box) are correct as you will need to print the confirmation email and bring it with you.




Relaxed Santa Visits